Cellmid is leveraging innovative technologies against novel targets to tackle conditions commonly associated with aging. Our purpose is to change lives and contribute to healthy longevity with scientifically validated, safe and effective consumer products.

Committed to tackling conditions commonly associated with aging, Cellmid is leveraging innovative technologies against important targets for the development of consumer and pharmaceutical products.

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Anti-aging functional cosmetics and consumer health products for hair, face and wellbeing.

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Cellmid is an Australian Company listed on the Australian Stock exchange

Cellmid is developing first in class and best in class solutions for a range of conditions associated with aging. As a world first, our team of systems biologists and biochemists have been successful in targeting the FGF5 protein, a negative regulator of the hair cycle, and developed a range of innovative consumer products for hair loss, thinning and hair aging. With operations in Australia, Japan and in the USA Cellmid has grown its distribution footprint significantly since its first launch in 2013.

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