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Annual Report

2018 Annual Report


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Welcome to Cellmid


Cellmid is an Australian life sciences accelerator with lead programs in multiple disease indications.  The company holds the largest and most comprehensive portfolio of intellectual property relating to the novel targets midkine (MK) and FGF5 globally.   

Cellmid, through its wholly owned subsidiaries Lyramid, Kinera and Advangen, develops and markets innovative novel therapies and diagnostic tests for inflammatory and fibrotic diseases, cancer, ischemic diseases of the heart and hair loss.  


Lyramid and Kinera focus on therapies based around midkine: an extensively validated therapeutic and diagnostic target.

Advangen is a market leader in clinically validated hair loss treatments with a focus on the novel hair cycle regulator; FGF5. The company has developed and now markets a novel range of FGF5 inhibitor hair growth products globally.


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